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Last updated 1:20 PM on 4 May 2017



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2017 Cross Country

On Tuesday, May 2nd, students competed in the annual Cross Country event. Students from ages 8-12 competed in the course around the school. Students from ages 8-10 did 4 laps of the school that equated to 2km. Students from ages 11-12 completed 6 laps that equated to 3km.


Students competed in order to gain points for their house. In addition, the top 4 runners in each category will advance to the Zone Carnival where they will represent our school.


The following students placed in the top 4:


Ages Girls Boys
8-9's 1. Zahra Z
2. Mishelle H
3. Wanda S
4. Rianne S
1. Dylan W
2. Ben A
3. Angus S
4. Oliver T
10's 1. Fatima Z
2. Lia A
3. Dimitria K
4. MacKenzie S
1. Christian T
2. Anthony T
3. Ahmed K
4. Dean D
11's 1. Natasha M
2. Louisa VD
3. Samantha W
4. Valerie A
1. Hassan B
2. Andreas P
3. Kane A
4. Theo K
12's 1. Darcey S
2. Eva G
3. Leah G
4. Amy S
1. Ali M
2. Jakob L
3. Joseph E
4. Jeremy L

 Congratulations to all students who competed. It was a fantastic day. Thanks must all go to parent volunteers: without your help the event could not run.