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Last updated 9:26 AM on 29 June 2016

Number Crunchers is the brainchild of Andrew Taylor, HT Mathematics, who began a "Golden Pi" competition at Sylvania High School in 2008 across a Community of Schools. In 2009 the program was extended with another Community of Schools from the Peakhurst area.

From 2010, with the backing of Dr Phil Lambert, our then Regional Director, Number Crunchers expanded to include 20 schools, then grew to 50 schools in 2011 and 55 in 2012. Each year the program culminated in an exciting Grand Final at the Powerhouse Museum.


  • Students in Years 6 and 7 complete FIVE weekly rounds of written questions in their regular classroom setting or computer lab. Students have 10 minutes to complete each quiz. They involve both multiple choice and free response questions, available as a pen and paper or online experience.

  • Results are collated in schools and after all five rounds, the top five students from each school compete at a Cluster Final hosted at their local high school.
  • The achievements of the top performing students in each school are recognised by the presentation of certificates and/or trophies on school assemblies, raising the profile of Mathematics in each school and celebrating student achievement.
  • The top three students from each cluster go on to represent their school in the Grand Final at the Powerhouse Museum. The format is similar to a "Spelling Bee", with answers calculated mentally and given in spoken form. The last non-eliminated student to give correct solutions is acknowledged as the Number Crunchers Champion .
  • Two related competitions feature in the final: The Golden Pi Challenge tests the reciting of Pi to the most decimal places. The Rubik's Cube Challenge is a competition to unscramble cubes in the fastest time. Competitors for the challenges are nominated by participating schools.
  • Fizz Buzz!! A game of thinking and concentration.
Bexley North continues to take part in number crunchers. Run by Mr Harcombe and the Stage 3 team, students are enjoying tackling these mathematical challenges!
Take a look at some of these matericals.
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